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The bend is the curved part of the hook, and all those finesounding hook names, such as Limerick or Sproat, have something to do with the bend. Actually, such hook names have to do with two parts of the bend: the throat and the gap. Think of the throat as the depth that the hook penetrates.

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Avid fishing enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that there are numerous kinds of hooks used for fishing by anglers all around the world. All of these hooks are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, types, and colors. Fishing hooks, regardless of their shape and size, have a general use in that …

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Fishing hooks are a vital piece of the tackle that enables an individual to catch fish. Hooks are tied onto fishing line and then adorned with live bait, such as shiners, minnows and night crawlers, or artificial lures such as plastic worms or frogs. When fish grab the bait the angler pulls back hard on the fishing pole, hoping the …

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Before looking at the parts of a fishing hook, think about how many kinds of hooks there are. Hooks come in a wide variety of shapes or styles, sizes, colors and types. Many hooks have a general use and can be used with many different baits and will catch a wide variety of fish. Some are designed for specific tasks. But no  …

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All saltwater and freshwater anglers in South Africa use hooks every day of their fishing lives but very few South African fishermen know what the different parts of the hook are called or commonly referred to as… Below are two pictures of different fishing hooks and labels that show what part of the fishing hook is called what.

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Learn more about how the different parts of a fishing hook work to help you fish more effectively.

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Fishing Hook Size ChartJanns Netcraft offers an accurate sizing chart for fishing tackle. Lure parts, fishing hooks, swivels, rod building.

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Hook Keeper: Also called a Keeper Ring. This little ring is a big convenience, as it gives you a place to hook your hook so you wont impale yourself when your on the move. Butt: This is the thick part of your rod that closest to the handle. Ferrule: If you have a rod that breaks down into 2 pieces or more, the ferrule is the joint …

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