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to yearn deeply; suffer with longing; long painfully (often followed by for): to pine for one’s home and family. 2. to fail gradually in health or vitality from grief, regret, or longing (often followed by away): Separated by their families, the lovers pined away.

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He had been pining since she kissed his exbest friend collie. As his emotional tears plummet past his quivering lips and into his unshaved stuble. hopeless and alone he ponders about the better days, the nightime walks, the aquarium and the hand in hand iceskating. his cooler friends enter the room and begin to call …

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Synonyms of pining from the MerriamWebster Thesaurus, with definitions, antonyms, and related words. Find a better way to say it.

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Define pining. pining synonyms, pining pronunciation, pining translation, English dictionary definition of pining. n. 1. Any of various evergreen trees of the genus Pinus, having fascicles of needleshaped leaves and producing woody seed bearing cones. These trees are…

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n a feeling of deep longing. Types: lovesickness. a pining for a loved one. Type of: hungriness, longing, yearning.

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Synonyms for pining at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

What does pining for someone mean? | Interpersonal Interaction

To pine for someone means to desperately long for them, especially if you’re feeling sad about it. You could pine for a loved one who lives far away, for example. It often carries the image of sitting around moping and missing that person. Definition for EnglishLanguage Learners from MerriamWebster’s …

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[pine for someone/something] to be very sad because you want to be with someone who you love, or want something that you do not have. She pined for some excitement in her life. Synonyms and related words. To want something: want, wish, hope… Explore Thesaurus. This is the British English definition of pine for.

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Mending a broken heart over a lost love. To forget about her you have to pine for her.

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English[edit]. Pronunciation[edit]. IPA: /’pa?n??/. Verb[edit]. pining. present participle of pine. Noun[edit]. pining (plural pinings). The act of one who pines. quotations ?. Ann Radcliffe. the sullen pinings of discontent. Retrieved from Categories:.

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